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Thank you for visiting my website. I am Mahmoud Sherif, a filmmaker, actor and director and living in a town nearby Amsterdam. On this website you can see the film and video projects I’ve been working on for private clients and brands.


Film making & directing

I am born and raised in Egypt and have worked as an actor in several films and tv shows in Egypt. Beside that I am gratuated from the London Middlesex University in the direction Masscommunication and Broadcasting. After this I developed my passion for film making and directing.

I traveled a lot around the world and get inspired by different cultures. With my positive mindset I love to inspire people to get the best out of them. My ambition is to create meaningful video‚Äôs and short films where a story is told, to catch important issues and visualize the message in a way it will touch the viewer and keep on memorizing this. That’s why I love to work with people and capture their story by video.

Since 2016 I traveled often to the Netherlands and since early 2018 I start to live here close to Amsterdam.


Let me visualize your passion

You can check my work to see the video’s I am creating for brands, (small) companies and persons to show their vision, trends, new collection, their passion or/and skills. Let me help you to visualize your ideas and passion into a video. This can be used for your website or social media channels. Every video starts with a concept so it’s important that I get to know your company, your ideas, your vision and what you want to achieve with this video.

Together we can brainstorm about the total concept of the video including the script. I work on location, which means any place where you think we can visualize your work. This can be your workspace, your home, a store, restaurant or different places you’d like to visit.

The directing, shooting and editing will be done by me so you will receive a video you can directly use on your website and social channels. The video can be created in English or in Dutch.

Do you want more information about the way I work or how I can create a video for you? Feel free to contact me.


Hope to see you again!